What is Privacy?
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Do you spend your time in public naked? For at least the vast majority of us the answer is no.

We clothe ourselves for warmth, physical protection, comfort, and for modesty.


Do you publish your bank account number, identification numbers, and passwords?

In an ideal world we would have no concern of exposing our numbers and or even require passwords, but we live in a less than ideal world in that context.

Just as we would ideally be able to leave our keys in our car, or even more not require keys, we should be able to leave a stack of cash on the seat without concern. But we do have concern, and we keep our keys and cash private.


While these examples are clear, in what ways is our privacy invaded electronically?

Consider again another extreme example. Perhaps out of rage someone decides they want to kill you, not a comforting thought. They want to do it now but don’t know where you are.

If they have access, they could simply electronically ask your cellphone where you are. Your phone’s GPS would respond “I am here”, and then the perpetrator is on his way to you.


But that is extreme. Consider that you might visit a place that you don’t want others to know about, such as one that provides sexual or narcotic products and services. If you have your cellphone with you, or are tracked by a vehicle you are driving or cameras en route or at the location. What you did, partially or fully, has now been recorded.

Those who have this information about you wield influence over you as you are now obligated to their demands under threat of being exposed. Your obligation is permanent.

Consider also that this scenario could be that you only were near such a location, knowingly or unknowingly. This data still may have value that could be used to your harm.

Consider a somewhat opposite situation. You are visiting a place that is of a particular persuasion, such as political or religious. Your visit may be to inquire, or it may be your habit. What is known electronically is that you were there, and when. You are electronically labeled.

If you are convinced of 9 out of 10 of your group’s doctrines, but want to inquire of others on that tenth point, how free are you to do so if you know you will be tracked?

If you are convinced that 9 out of 10 of your group’s doctrines are wrong, but know that you cannot dialog with others without paying a significant price, how free are you. How much would the ability to be private help you?

Privacy matters. You are controlled by those who invade your privacy, including electronically. To be aware you must know how it is done.

To be continued…

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What is Privacy?

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