Freedom is not Free! You must decide not to be tracked
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You are being monitored, tracked and controlled via the Internet, whether you use it directly or not.

If you are comfortable in the collective, blindly submissive, fear imposed authority, and lack the courage to be free, this is not for you.

Large corporations, Google, Facebook, Twitter, provide what appear to be free services, but you are the product, you are being bought and controlled.

The free phone, email, video, and social media services are used to collect vast information about you, and subtly or forcibly control you.

New services continue to come to the field, often offering less tracking and censorship by policy. This is an improvement for today, but policies might change tomorrow. While the service might not track you, your method of communicating with them, even when encrypted, is fully tracked.

You will not be made free by policy or law, but by taking into your hands your data and your communications. The solution is technology in your hands, not those provided by others. This can be done. Do you want it?

Freedom of choice is not that you can buy from Walmart or Amazon, but you can go to a farmers’ market and buy from your neighbors. If lower prices or convenience is too important to make the effort to buy local, you will never be free.

Freedom in communications is the same. If lower prices, higher bandwidth, and the latest cool features are too important than to use the services from the small provider, including your physical neighbors, you will never be free.

Freedom of choice includes being able to control the information about you, what you do, when you do it, with whom you are with, and then be able to share with those you see fit on your terms. When you want to hide, you should be able to hide. You should be a free individual, not a minion in the collective. Freedom has a cost.

It is exciting to think that electronic communications can be brought to the smallest villages around the world. What actually is being done is tracking and control. With our system when two physical neighbors talk on the phone in a small village anywhere in the world, it is reported to data collection agencies. This does not have to be this way. Let’s stop it, at least for some.

If you are politically correct, may your chains rest lightly on you.

If you are politically incorrect, but if you agree with me completely, you are probably a minion.

If we disagree on some things, do you agree that you should have the tools, and the control of those tools to communicate, to proclaim, to dialog, to remain private, and not be tracked?

The problem with giving away software is that it still needs to be paid for. Please consider the crowdfunding effort at

Infrastructure still needs to be in place and it should be small family run enterprises. Is that you?

Promoting the project, and servicing the users, still needs people to be involved. Is that you?

If it is, don’t be shy, email Let’s talk.








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